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One would think the shame of having a tramp for a daughter would drive me into hiding ~ on the contrary, being a survivor; I simply dig my heels in and roll with the punches. 
I have been through too much already to tuck my tail between my legs and run out of town.
I simply am rising above the gossip about Veda and Monte's shabby assignation.
I am a successful businesswoman, and I cannot let gossip dictate my actions!
I have a restaurant to run.
I tore up the $10,000 check Veda got from old Mrs. Forrester - that was a mistake.  I should've let her keep it - goodness knows, she earned it....in her own way.  At first, I was shocked that Veda would fake a pregnancy to get cash, but then I realized what an astute businesswoman my daughter had become.

I learned to appreciate her business savvy!
"I see Veda Pierce has been arrested again!  This time for theft by deception, escort-for-hire, and loitering.  How shameful.  I must say Mildred holds up well, though - she always has a smile plastered on her face. 
Poor thing......"
"No need for anyone to pity me.  I have come through the storm, and I always land on my feet.  It was difficult, after Bert ran out on us, but time has a way of making one forget.
I consider myself a very lucky woman."
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