He was a pig.
He couldn't - or wouldn't even support his own family.  While I washed clothes, mopped floors,
and baked pies, Bert was goofing off or playing "gin rummy" with Mrs. Viederhoff.
How much was I supposed to take?  No other woman would've put up with it as long as I did.  I took it as long as I could - for the children's sakes, of course - but finally, I could stand no more.  There was no way I could put up with his laziness and his infidelity.
Bert Pierce is a loser and a flop.  We had it all...two lovely children, a home, a family.....what more did he want?  All I expected was that he do what every husband does - provide for the family we created. 
He couldn't even do that.  I was forced into manual labor, working long into the night in my kitchen, baking cakes for the neighbors.  Even then, I had to listen to him nag and gripe - his jealousy of Veda was sickenly obvious.  Can you imagine, a grown man, jealous of his own daughter?
I knew then what I was dealing with.  Bert Pierce is a disturbed man.
Even as his own children sought his company, he traipsed up the street
to play "gin rummy" with that old bag, Mrs. Viederhoff.
What a disgusting, sickening act!
I knew then, I'd had enough.
Go ahead and play gin rummy ~ I'm meeting a state senator for drinks later, Bert!