Special Events at "Mildred's!"
I like to have fun ~ throwing parties is also a good PR move.
As a successful, respected businesswoman, it's up to me to build bridges and relationships in the community.
Naturally, this includes some "R & R" time for my fellow entrepreneurs!  The grind is brutal, and some fun is a necessary part of one's career plan ~ plus, I can deduct the cost of the shindig as a business expense!
My parties are attended by the FAMOUS ~ & the infamous.
The neighborhood biddies are aghast at my shindigs, music blasting until all hours of the night ~ why, they've even called the police 3 times already.

I don't worry about it, as several of the officers are well-known in my intimate circle of friends.....

I will admit my parties can get wild ~ I usually have an ambulance on stand-by!
Let the Good Times Roll!
<<<Veda had a "good time" at my last party.  This is her, after
the festivities finally wound down.  It took her three days to sober up......
Just a token of one of my beau's>>> "appreciation" after my last bash........he had a great time and insisted I take this money.
Of course, I didn't want to hurt his feelings, so I took it.