Monte Beragon was a Leech - He Deserved to Die!
I was so hopeful, yet so naivé, the day Wally Faye & I met Monte!
I wanted to get my restaurant started in the worst way.  I'd been forced to take a waitress job to earn a living after Bert walked out on us.  Veda was mortified, but I learned the restaurant business.  There's money in a restaurant, if it's run right.  And I needed money ~ for Veda!  She was a young lady with expensive tastes......I had to get that building, and I had Wally Faye to help me.
It all seemed so easy ~ too easy!  I forged ahead, determined to be a success.  And Monte Beragon was there, all the way ~ insinuating himself in our lives, making me feel I could trust him, lean on him, when the whole time, he was a lying, sneaking snake!
Monte turned on the charm, full-force.  We became so close, closer than I'd ever thought possible.  Obviously, he was a playboy, but he really gave me the rush and I fell for him like a ton of bricks.  After the trauma of losing my younger daughter, Kaye, to pneumonia, I was so vunerable and felt so alone ~ Monte exploited my raw emotions.  He was after me, 24/7, professing his love and eternal devotion.
I had no idea he wasn't what he seemed.
Foolishly, I allowed him into my life.
Tragedy followed....!
I'll never forget the night I found them together.  How could my own own this?
Of course, I'd married Monte for convenience; I knew by then I didn't really love him - but this!
Where was his decency?  What sort of man preys upon his wife's daughter?  He sickened me...he was unnatural!
He deserved what happened to him, he deserved TO DIE!!!
I'm not sorry Veda pulled the trigger.......
I'm only sorry I wasn't the one to do it first!
Burn, baby, burn!