How to Get a Man
#1.  If you don't know how, learn how to be mysterious, alluring, and seductive.
 No man wants a woman who blabs everything she are drawn to
women of mystery.
 Exciting, glamorous women, who always hold a little something back.....

#2. Practice a seductive, sexy stroll.
 Watching many women lumber around in sweat pants is enough to turn the average man gay.  Learn how to swing your hips, learn all the "right" moves, to ensure that all eyes are upon you.

#3.  Speak in a breathy whisper.  Men love a baby-doll, Marilyn Monroe-type voice.
  It turns them on.  And never raise your voice, after all, you are a delicate, fragile thing, who needs his protection....!
#4.  Make sure your hair is shiny, glossy, and touchable.
  Men like to run their fingers through your hair - sticky hairspray is a no-no! 
Swinging straight hair or tumbling layers, cascading down when unpinned,
will get his motor going!

#5.  You don't have to be stick-thin, but do be fit.  Men like CURVES. 
They don't want the sickly-skinny model type.
 So embrace your femininity, but do be sure you are fit!
  After all, you have a busy life, many admirers competing for you, right? 
There's no time to languish on the couch.  When you aren't with your man, or at the
salon or shopping, go out for a walk and keep your body in top condition.

#6.  Keep an appointment diary of dates! 
Your time must be scheduled down to the minute, so that your dates
do not overlap and cause embarrassment.
  Of course, if the worst happens and there is some sort of scene,
dissolving into helpless tears will usually take care of the matter!
Good Luck, Ladies!