Waitress & Employee Training
As a successful, respected businesswoman, I feel it is my duty to hold to certain standards - thus, my Waitress & Employee Training comes into play.  I have a reputation in the community, and I will not see it denigrated by inferior customer service. 
People spend their hard-earned money to patronize my restaurant, and I see to it that they get their money's worth.....whatever it takes.
Waitresses, in particular, are bound to a code of conduct.
This mindset has made my chain of restaurant quite lucrative!
I share below, some of the principles that have guided me to success and financial security.
Of #1 importance is having first-class waitresses!
They must undergo a rigorous training program, during which they learn the true meaning of "customer service."
"The customer must leave satisfied."
Some of these girls have never been taught how to conduct themselves around men - they are lucky that they landed here, where I can guide them and direct their efforts.  I leave no stone unturned when it comes to educating my girls.....er, my waitresses, on how to please men.  How to please customers, I should say.....
One's appearance is so very important.  I have an image to maintain in the area, and I demand that my waitresses reflect my standards.
Most of my patrons seem to appreciate the effort.
I'm very adamant about customer relations, and I instruct my waitresses:  "I don't care if the customer tells you that the earth is flat, agree with him.  Tell him what he wants to hear!  We are not just selling food, we are selling satisfaction!"
Lucily, most of my employees seem to "get it" - if not, they are relegated to working the parking lot!"

Of course, I receive 50% of their earnings.
It's only fair....