The Time Has Come to Tell the Truth About Veda!

People wondered - I know they did.  They wondered why I spoiled Veda so. 
Why I seemed to prefer her, over my darling Kaye.  It caused so much conflict in my marriage to Bert Pierce - but even HE didn't know the truth!
Now, it can be told.
Veda is not Bert Pierce's child - she is the child of Wally Faye!
The gloves are off - I'm tired of living a lie, and let the chips fall where they may.  Bert is a handsome man, but well.....he wasn't exactly a Latin lover,
if you know what I mean.
 The everyday drudgery got the best of me - and with "nothing" to look forward to at night, I turned to Bert's business partner, Wally Faye.
  He always had the HOTS for me!!!
Bert, if you're reading this, what can I say?  You were gone most nights, at Mrs. Viederhoff's - playing gin rummy, I believe......?  Come on.
  What did you expect me to do - sleep alone?
I'm a woman, with a woman's needs!  You were an incompetent, passionless boob, who wouldn't know how to please a woman if his LIFE depended on it!

Well, now you know!

I'm glad the truth is finally out.  I'm tired of the lies and deception, and I'm tired of catering to my tramp daughter!  I've had enough - it's my time to shine. 
Let me tell you, I know a thing or two about men. 
Being married to a bore will do that to find ways to make him seem more exciting than he is, and pretty soon, he'll believe it, himself!
 I was good at being a wife..........good at being a lover!
  I deserve better, I deserve more - much more, than being married to the likes of Bert Pierce!  He offered nothing and delivered even less.
No...I am meant for the finer things in life - and for the finer MEN in life.
There's no question about it.
I refuse to be held back by suburban drudgery any longer.